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The Grip-Tite Waterproofing System repairs wet or leaky basements and crawl spaces. We install a fully sealed sub floor drainage system engineered and designed solve water problems permanently with the added benefits you can ONLY get with a fully sealed system.

  • Increased removal of dampness odors and entry of radon gas.
  • Improving the air quality and comfort in your home with noticeable heath benefits

Over 40% of air in the home comes from the basement healthier Basement is the best start for a healthier home and family.

Basement water and moisture problems:
We help our customers improve the quality of their homes everyday. When you choose us, you're choosing our commitment to quality and customer service. Our daily rewards come from the recognition we receive from our customers. We take pride in creating a safe environment and a comfortable living space. Contact one of our installers today for your solution on correcting the environment in your basement.

Our biggest cause for concern when addressing any basement is your Health.

Over 40% of the air you breathe...
upstairs in your home comes from your basement.

All homes should be safe and comfortable, not a place that makes families sick or endangers the stability of the home.

People can have air quality problems in any kind of home, new and old.

Many things in your home can cause air quality problems including flooded basements, basement with moisture, humidity, and foundation cracks.

  • Radon Gas
  • Ground Water
  • Moisture
  • Water VaporSoil Gas
  • Healthy Basement Solutions

Removing the water and moisture can solve the problem. That's what a Grip-Tite system does. Through generations of improvements and evolution, the Grip-Tite system does what no other can. It is a total solution to removing any and all water and moisture from a part of the house that supplies 40% of the air to the first floor.