Crawlspace Stabilizer

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Are you looking for a reliable and heavy-duty solution for sagging floor joists and un-supported beams within a crawlspace? The Grip-Tite Stabilizer levels and stabilizes existing support beams and floor joists with minimal disturbance to surrounding areas.

The Grip-Tite Stabilizer, complete with a high-strength 3-inch diameter steel column, heavy-duty adjustable threaded rod and connecting steel plate, installs quickly without messy concrete or excessive excavation.

  • Tube

  • Beam Bracket

  • Tube Base

  • Threaded Tube Insert

  • Threaded Rod w/Flats


  • Cost-competitive versus other jack-post or lolly column alternatives
  • Stabilizer spacing can be adjusted to assure stresses in beam joists and soils are within acceptable limits.
  • High capacity 3-inch O.D. steel pier column can be cut to desired length at job site
  • Pre-drilled holes in steel plate allow for connection to beam or floor joists
  • Heavy-duty 10-inch long threaded rod allows for easy adjustment
  • Provides supplemental support of an axial load of up to 30,000 lbs. (30 Kips or 15 tons)
  • Compacted crushed stone or crushed (recycled) concrete base effectively transfers the structural load from the stabilizer to the existing soils. A poured concrete base (footing) may also be considered.


  • Utilizes Grip-Tite® Foundation Pier - 3.0-inch Outside Diameter (O.D.) x 0.120-inch wall tube steel, ultimate tensile strength = 80,000 psi (min.), yield tensile strength = 70,000 psi (min.)
  • Capacities determined by an Independent Testing Laboratory:
    Ultimate > 60 Kips
    Allowable = 30 Kips (FOS = 2)

    **The Stabilizer is not designed to support or resist lateral loads.